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Seneca Nation Enterprises

Seneca Nation Enterprises
Seneca One Stop Irving
Seneca One Stop Salamanca
Seneca One Stop Cuba
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We Wish To Welcome You To
The Seneca Nation Enterprises & Seneca One Stop
Here in the main office we deal with all of the Accounting, Promotions, and Human Resources

Seneca Nation Enterprises is the headquarters for all three Seneca One Stop locations
The Seneca Nation Enterprises is here to provide excellent customer service in a manner that will increase both sales and profits
From here grew three stores in three different locations: Irving, Salamanca, and Cuba
The Salamanca store began operations in the fall of 1985, the Irving store opened in the spring of 1988, and then came the Cuba store in the summer of 1990
Each store is unique and different in their own ways and is here to provide you, the customer, with the best service possible

The Main Office

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               Seneca One Stop-Irving                      Seneca One Stop-Salamanca
              11150 Southwestern Blvd                            745 Broad Street
                  Irving, NY 14081                                  Salamanca, NY 14779
                   1-888-501-9644                                         1-888-504-0666
                                 Open 24 Hours 7 Days A Week
                                         Seneca One Stop-Cuba
                                         5402 West Shore Road
                                             Cuba, NY 14727
                                          Open 6am-10pm