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Seneca One Stop Irving

Seneca Nation Enterprises
Seneca One Stop Irving
Seneca One Stop Salamanca
Seneca One Stop Cuba
Special Events

Come on in for the Tax Free deals on cloths, jewerly, food, gas, diesel, and tobacco products
The Seneca One Stop in Irving is located just off the I90. Take Exit 58 East about two miles. The purple store located in the middle of Routes 5 & 20


Open 24 Hours
7 Days A Week

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Seneca Country Treasures
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Come on in and take a look around.  The gift shop has a variety of items ranging from coffee mugs to clothing.
All Tax Free
Come on in for the Tax Free deals on clothes, jewelry, food, gas, diesel, and tobacco products


Come on down and check out our low prices on fuel/diesel and our low prices on tobacco products
(Prices subject to change as manufacture changes)
Give us a call to see daily fuel prices


               Seneca One Stop-Irving                      Seneca One Stop-Salamanca
              11150 Southwestern Blvd                            745 Broad Street
                  Irving, NY 14081                                  Salamanca, NY 14779
                   1-888-501-9644                                         1-888-504-0666
                                 Open 24 Hours 7 Days A Week
                                         Seneca One Stop-Cuba
                                         5402 West Shore Road
                                             Cuba, NY 14727
                                          Open 6am-10pm